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Who needs a Registered Dietitian?

I have a confession: I’ve taken nutrition advice from a fitness expert. It did help me lose weight. It helped me realize the magic of planning ahead and meal prepping. I got some great recipes with some ingredients I probably would not have tried otherwise.

But they were sharing one approach that had worked for them, not necessarily working with me to find out what would work for me. The strict timing recommendations (eat every 4 hours and not a minute sooner) really didn’t fit my social life. I enjoyed eating lunch with my coworkers and that timing could be sporadic. I enjoy dining out occasionally, which can never be perfectly timed. They also shared some wildly inaccurate information about agriculture, which was very frustrating.

I’ve since connected with several awesome Registered Dietitians through my work at the Animal Ag Alliance and learned some valuable lessons. In celebration of National Nutrition Month and Registered Dietitian Day, I asked them who needs a dietitian and how can you connect with an RD

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