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By Casey Kinler, Communications Manager

Date: 7/26/2018

Agriculture lingo cheat sheet

Jargon gets thrown around quite a bit in agriculture. The farmers, ranchers and people who grew up on the farm understand the lingo, but not everyone grew up on a farm. In fact, less than two percent of today’s population is directly involved in food production. That leaves about 98 percent of us trying to decipher ag lingo, so here’s a cheat sheet…

Producer: Sometimes they are called farmers, sometimes they are called ranchers and other times they are called producers. Producer encompasses both farmers and ranchers as they are both producers of food.

Swine: When you hear swine, think pig.

Sow: An adult, female pig.

Biosecurity: Any procedure or practice intended to protect humans and animals against disease.

Bovine: When you hear bovine, think cattle.

Steer: A neutered bovine.

Bull: A bovine that has not been neutered.

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