Animal Rights

Radical activist organizations are leading the fight to grant animals the same legal rights as humans and eliminate the consumption of food and all other products derived from animals. The ideology of the animal rights movement- that animals are not ours to own, enjoy, or use in any way- is a direct assault on farmers and pet owners. Activists often hide their true agenda in order to gain the support of unknowing pet lovers. Here, you will find current updates from the world of animal rights. The Alliance monitors the activities of these activist groups and seeks to proactively engage in the same areas they target to correct misinformation and tell the true story of agriculture. Alliance members can access the 2018 Animal Rights Conference Report in our resource library.

Animal rights organizations are strategically connected in many ways, including personnel and financial support. Click here to access a printable version of the above map.

Meet the Activist Groups

Animal rights groups have increasingly turned their focus to agriculture, utilizing misleading undercover videos and multi-million dollar political campaigns in an effort to drive farmers and ranchers out of business. We have more than 70 profile reports available to members on various organizations that target animal agriculture, including environmental, animal rights, antibiotics-focused and alternative meat groups. The profiles include key programs, staff and if they have any connections to animal rights extremist groups along with quotes revealing their intentions and feelings towards animal agriculture. Click on one of the three graphics below to view our public group profiles or search our resource library!

Farm Security

Alliance members have access to our Farm Security App and resources to help protect farmers and ranchers from activist activity and other security concerns. Click here for more information on how to become a member.

Activist Activity Map

Undercover Video Map

Latest Activist Campaigns

Animal Recovery Mission targets Fair Oaks Farms with undercover footage.

Compassion Over Killing targets Nestle with undercover footage from a Pennslyvania dairy farm.

Direct Action Everywhere targets Amazon with a protest at a California chicken farm.

PETA targets Kroger with undercover footage from an Oklahoma egg farm.

PETA targets Nellie's Free-Range Eggs with undercover footage from an egg farm.

Animal Recovery Mission targets Publix and Walmart with undercover footage from a Florida egg farm. 

Animal Recovery Mission targets Publix with undercover footage from four Florida dairy farms.

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